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Helpful Ideas to Save Money During a Japan Excursion

Many people think that the Land of the Rising Sun is only for those who have fat wallets, but this is actually just a misconception. This country has a lot of things to offer for the money-conscious traveller. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags now and check out these pocket-friendly options for an unforgettable holiday experience sans the blinding prices.


If you do not want to shell out so much cash for a suite, then you can stay in capsule hotels. You can find these types of establishment all around the city and these are very good ways to save money without sacrificing comfort. Plus, they actually offer extras like razors, pyjamas, and towels, and even a communal hot bath. On the other hand, if your return flight is scheduled in an odd hour and you do not want to pay for another day’s use of your room, you can just stay in your own booth in their Internet cafés where you can either snooze or start uploading your pictures on your social networking accounts.


You have probably seen the kaiten or conveyor-belt-sushi on television and this is a very good way to have a delicious meal for less. You can also find nomihodai and tabehodai deals, which means you can eat and drink all you can. 


Karaoke is a favourite pastime among the Japanese and you can also have the same fun experience plus some extras. Rent out a booth for you and your friends and ask the receptionist for a nomihodai and you can already enjoy flowing drinks for one hour at a very reasonable cost. Plus, you can belt out your favourite tunes in their good audio systems, massive televisions, and your very own waiter service.


Finally, no trip will ever be complete without shopping. You can just conveniently buy different Final Fantasy X figures online, but you can visit a Daiso shop to find great souvenirs for your loved ones at home. These stores offer almost everything at the price of 100 Yen and below.

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