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Dressing as Your Favorite Animated Character

Have you ever wanted to be a character in any of the Japanese Animations? Perhaps Sato of the Samurai X series or maybe Son Gokou of Dragon Ball Z? Maybe you want to be Blood, the last Vampire or Motoko Kusanagi of Ghost in the Shell. A cosplay party would be the perfect avenue for you to dress up like them with your fellow “Otaku”s.

There are many ways to pick your ensemble to resemble an animated character. Here are some considerations if you do not have your heart set on being anyone in particular yet.

First thing you have to consider before going to the costume store is how far you want to go with being the character. Some anime characters have very, out-of-this world characteristics which might involve you dying your hair, getting contacts, even having a temporary tattoo done in your body just to get the exact look. Although some people are willing to go this far, you might not want to.

Next would be picking the actual character that you are going as. If you are committed to having your hair dyed and getting contact lenses to change your eye colour, you can pick a more extreme character to portray in the party. But if you are not sure you are willing to go that far, then maybe a less extreme character will be to your liking. Once you have found a character to your liking you can go shop around for his signature apparel.

Consider the availability of the kind of clothes your character wears. Some otakus have their outfits custom made so that the clothes would look authentic and will fit them like it would fit the character. Some characters though do not need that kind preparation in order to get the clothes that they wear on the shows. Some female characters simply wear their school uniforms and some male characters have normal clothes.

It is a delight to be able to dress like your favourite anime character. For some it is a passion and for others it is simply a hobby. Whichever it may be for you, if you fancy the characters of Final Fantasy X, you might want to browse over the pages of the site this article is featured on. You might find something to your liking

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