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Different Winter Activities to Enjoy in Japan

For an avid fan of Final Fantasy X, going to the Land of the Rising Sun is probably a dream come true. Apart from being the birthplace of the famous online game series, perhaps no other country could strike the perfect balance between technology and tradition better than Japan. From robots to geishas, visiting this beautiful paradise gets even better during the winter season. To understand why that is, try out these different activities.

  • Warm up in a hot spring.

Your travel here will never be complete without visiting an onsen or a traditional hot spring where you can enjoy a steamy experience, sometimes while enjoying the view of the snow-capped vistas. With over 3000 natural mineral baths in the region, you will find it difficult to run out of options. Visit the Dogo in Matsuyama or the Ibusuki in Kyushu for their hot-sand sauna. And if you want a luxurious experience, go to a Ryokan or a traditional guesthouse.

  • Exchange 'I dos' in an icy chapel.

If you want to get married in style, troop to the frozen Lake Shikaribetsu to witness an entire village made of ice, including their very own chapel where you and your loved one can exchange your vows and rings in shivering fashion. They also have igloo houses, a lodge, and a theatre. If you are craving for some cocktails, just head to their bar and enjoy one from an ice glass.

  • Get lost in a snowy wonderland.

You can celebrate Valentine’s Day with your beau in Hokkaido and be mesmerized by the gigantic ice sculptures featured in the Sapporo Snow Festival that takes place here every February, attracting over two million visitors from all the corners of the world. You can also enjoy various sports events like their famous 12 metre long slide and bamboo skiing. Head to Asahikawa Festival to witness their annual World Ice Sculpting Contest where the largest sculpture was recorded by the Guinness Book of Records.

Fulfil your dreams now and head to the Land of the Rising Sun to experience a chilly yet awesome holiday.

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